The CH.Detailing Philosophy,

Automotive detailing is the art of creating a refined aesthetic, and it requires copious amounts of time, passion, and determination.  Proper detailing and paint correction works to preserve your automotive investment and can even recondition neglected vehicles to a level that will rival much more costly and invasive restorations.  Utilizing only the best products and the safest methods combined with an experienced and knowledgeable detailer will ensure that the work is done right, the first time.  A thorough understanding of vehicle surfaces, the issues that affect them, and the appropriate methods to correct each issue is the key to effective detailing with long term results.   Simply put, all the services I offer work to maintain a vehicle’s integrity and value, while simultaneously elevating the aesthetics to jaw-dropping levels that won't fade away after the first wash.

"Perfection is created with detail."

The transformation that every car receives is only half the battle.  Without proper attention and maintenance the look of a freshly detailed finish will inevitably fade, this is why I make every effort to educate my clients on how to properly care for their vehicles.  The development of a skilled eye with an appreciation and understanding for the detailing process will make sure that your vehicle looks great long after a CH.Detailed finish has been achieved.


About CH.Detailing,

CH.Detailing was created in 2009 by Connor Harrison and is operated out of Madison, WI.  He has had experience detailing just about everything on wheels, from daily driven sub-compacts, to trailered track day toys, to high end exotics, and everything in between.  Connor began his life as a detailer in 2007 when he began working at a local dealership, it was this part-time job during high school that sparked a deep interest in transforming vehicle aesthetics.  He learned a lot while working at the dealership, the principal fact of which was that most dealerships are entirely unqualified to detail anything, and will often do more harm than good.  His need to produce a higher quality of work than what was imposed on him at the dealership is what initially drove him to create CH.Detailing.


Motivated by a love for all things automotive, Connor strives to enhance the cosmetics of every vehicle he works on while also protecting them for the future.  Obsessed with polishing paint, he thoroughly enjoys the process of bringing a deep reflective shine to every vehicle he touches.  It is Connor’s passion and obsession that leads him to be emotionally invested in his work, and it is this investment that truly makes the CH.Detailed vehicle stand out above the rest.  The experience he has gleaned from working on all forms of classic, vintage, and modern automobiles is an invaluable asset to you and your cherished automobile.

The highest quality materials combined with the strictest standards of quality and precision; this is what separates a CH.Detailed vehicle from the rest.

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