What is Detailing?

Automotive detailing is the art of creating a refined aesthetic, and it requires copious amounts of time, passion, and determination.  Proper detailing and paint correction works to preserve your automotive investment and can even recondition neglected vehicles to a level that will rival much more costly and invasive restorations.  Utilizing only the best products and the safest methods combined with an experienced and knowledgeable detailer will ensure that the work is done right, the first time.  A thorough understanding of vehicle surfaces, the issues that affect them, and the appropriate methods to correct each issue is the key to effective detailing with long term results.   Simply put, all the services I offer work to maintain a vehicle’s integrity and value, while simultaneously elevating the aesthetics to jaw-dropping levels that won’t fade away after the first wash.  It is by this dedication to a higher standard that my washing, detailing, and paint correction services are able to consistently exceed my client’s expectations.

Why Have My Car Detailed?

Through normal use and exposure, your vehicle is subjected to a wide range of natural and industrial factors that will damage and degrade your vehicle’s finishes.  Road grime, bug residue, UV radiation, tar and asphalt, dust and dirt, hard water, bird droppings, atmospheric pollution, road salt, and acidic rainfall will all damage your car if left without attention.  Proper detailing maintenance works to correct these issues and protect your vehicle against future damage.  Frequent detailing will reduce wear and tear on your vehicle’s surfaces, improving value when it comes time to sell.  On some classics and collector vehicles, a thorough detailing by a professional will improve the overall condition such that the value can increase by a significant amount.  Having your car properly maintained will ensure it lasts longer, both inside and out.

Why Choose CH.Detailing?

CH.Detailing was created by a desire for a higher standard of car care.  Motivated by a love for all things automotive, I strive to enhance the cosmetics of every vehicle I work on while also protecting them for the future.  Obsessed with polishing paint, I thoroughly enjoys the process of bringing a deep reflective shine to every vehicle I touch.  It is my passion and obsession that has led me to be emotionally invested in my work, and it is this investment that truly makes the CH.Detailed vehicle stand out above the rest.  The experience he has gleaned from working on all forms of classic, vintage, and modern automobiles is an invaluable asset to you and your cherished automobile.  By continuously staying abreast of the latest cutting edge techniques and products, and networking with the most highly skilled detailers in the world I am able to constantly improve my skills and knowledge of detailing.  I’ve built my services to be the best value possible while still maintaining an unrelenting standard.  Operating contrary to the traditional high volume detail shop, I am able to create an individualized level of care that ensures every concern is taken care of.

Do You Only Work on High End Cars?

Certainly not.  Regardless of the make, model, or vehicle condition the same standards of quality and finishing are applied; all vehicles deserve to look their best.  The appreciation of my client’s is what pushes me to ensure I’m providing the best job every time, regardless of the vehicle.

Do New Cars Need Detailing?

Despite what most people believe, a new vehicle is rarely perfect when you take delivery.  Before you ever take ownership it can be exposed to nature for months while it sits on the lot, sintered iron in the form of rail dust from train transport, the salty brine of a port, all the dust, dirt, and grime from truck transport, and then is hastily detailed by the overenthusiastic and underskilled staff at the dealership.  Even more shocking, is that it is very common for brand new luxury vehicles and exotics to be delivered from the factory with sanding marks and hologram swirls instilled during the final finishing of the vehicle.

Don’t start your new car ownership off on the wrong foot, have a proper new car detail performed to guarantee you’re getting the best possible finish with real protection to help maintain the value of your latest purchase.

Can I Hire Connor To Travel To Me?

Absolutely.  Although I prefer to be able to detail your vehicle(s) at my shop, I’m aware that there are sometimes conditions that necessitate me to travel to work at your facility.  I am available for travel both internationally and domestically.  Please send me an email at CHDetailing@live.com to discuss my scheduling availability, service rates, and travel expenses.

What Are Your Hours?

I am available for scheduling 7 days a week between 8AM to 6PM.  If you have a special scheduling request I can typically make the necessary accommodations. PLEASE NOTE: Bookings are strictly by appointment only.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Cash, Check, PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover are all accepted.  Full payment must be made at time of vehicle pick-up.

What is Your Cancellation Policy?

If you need to cancel your appointment, a minimum of 72 hour notice is required.  For cancellations on shorter notice a fee will be charged equal to 25% of your estimate for services scheduled.

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